Media Relations

Sims Communications knows how the media works and how to put it to work for you.

We understand the media business, its fluidity and dynamics, and we understand our clients’ business. That keen insight enables us to execute outreach on multiple levels  to get results where they  matter most.

Our vast experience includes award-winning stints as news reporters and publishers. We produce rich content in many forms — news announcements, articles, blogs, speeches, presentations, videos, social media posts, meaningful messaging, media training, and publicity campaigns that get noticed and generate coverage.

Whether you need ongoing management of your media and public relations program or strategic and tactical help with a project, Sims delivers.

“You know what reporters want and how to provide our company story in a way that generates memorable coverage.”

-VP of Corporate Communications at Global Tech Firm

Media Training

Sims Communications knows how media interviews work and how to put you in complete control of them.

Every press interview is a great opportunity for you and your business.  Take full advantage by preparing with a team that has decades of experience on both sides of the process.

We have trained CEOs of leading corporations and non-profit organizations, popular entertainers, TV show hosts, and product managers around the world. Sims can show you how to define and deliver your most important news and messages. We will teach you the interview tips and presentation techniques that get attention and coverage.

Gain the confidence you need to make the most of every encounter with the press.

“Media training with your firm not only prepared our executive team for interviews with the press, it enabled us to focus on refining and refreshing our corporate messaging.”

– VP of Marketing
at Aerospace Technology Company

Content Development

Content is everywhere. How much of it do you actually watch or read? Does it tell a compelling story, draw you in or inform you? Or is it just filling space?

Sims crafts content from the inside out. We listen to you and understand your goals and objectives no matter what the medium. From newsletter content to social media posts to traditional press releases, Sims knows how to capture the reader and deliver your message.

The difference we provide is found in our obsession to deliver accurate, crisp, quality content. We can capture the inspiration behind an innovative company or product launch, the real-life customer success stories that will generate credibility and sales, and the essence of virtually any scenario others find hard to put into words.

We can help you influence audiences in ways they will remember.

“You consistently craft insightful, informative articles and materials that truly tell our story, with such minimal input from our team.”

– Principal Engineer
at Alternative Energy Company

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a worthy video speaks volumes. It should engage the audience with real-life relevancy, inspiring stories, or challenges and solutions.

We have covered the world, world leaders, and communities and corporations a world apart. Our unique approach to corporate video blends years of television news experience with decades more of corporate communications expertise.

It’s what sets us and our clients’ videos and multimedia productions apart.

Sims Communications produces  stories that get attention and get results. We profile companies large and small – focusing on the difference their products, solutions, and people are making in their customers’ competitiveness.

Simply put, it comes down to our ability to capture on camera the essence of a customer’s success, an executive’s vision, an engineer’s satisfaction in seeing a concept become a reality. It’s all about inspiring decision makers to do business with your business. That’s what we do.

“Sims knows how to produce success stories and marketing features that don’t feel like marketing pieces at all. They’re credible, compelling, and well done productions that keep an audience and help drive our business.”

– VP of Global Sales for
Global Media and Entertainment Company