Connectivity is fueling a new generation of innovation and growth, and we are dedicated to elevating the voice of some of the most innovative companies leading the way.

Whether their breakthroughs begin with the launch of a space mission, patented solutions aboard a plane, 5G technologies, or the very materials and equipment empowering the latest handheld devices and automotive advances, our clients are bringing once unimaginable capabilities to markets across the globe.

Every business has a voice, and making sure that voice is heard loud and clear is our passion.

Raising Your Expectations

Right the first time, on time, every time

You don’t have the time for projects to linger or miss the mark. You need a trusted communications partner, who listens, thoroughly grasps the assignment, digs for compelling information, resolves issues and gets it right the first time, on deadline.

Talented Expertise
You want the best, most experienced people to get the job done. That is exactly how we thrive in a competitive market and why Sims Communications can ensure top-quality results. Your projects are managed from start to finish by the very people who have their name on the line and on our business.

Public relations and marketing communications requirements are unique, which is why we approach each client, each project with personalization and results in mind – no cookie-cutter solutions here.

Strategic Focus
Our firm is small and nimble for a reason. We can help you tackle your public relations and strategic communications needs responsively and responsibly – with experience and attention to detail for quality results.

Accelerating Your Project Lifecycles

You know what it’s like: You want to reach an audience or complete a project quickly and effectively, but your support team doesn’t understand your business. Reviews and rewrites are eating up your time, patience, and budget.

We know how to help. That’s because at Sims, we understand what it’s like sitting in your seat. We’ve directed public relations and marketing efforts from the inside for large and small corporations. You needed it done yesterday and clever doesn’t have to mean elaborate.

From multi-faceted campaigns, to front page headlines, Sims gets it done on time, every time.

Strengthening Your Team

Our clients think of Sims Communications as key members of their team. 

We know how to help inspire and inform and we’re not afraid to express a point of view, to improvise and imagine beyond the status quo. That’s why companies and organizations choose us – and stick with us.

Our client partners think of us as colleagues just down the hall. They count on us day in and day out to perform at the highest level as a member of their team. The Sims team has worked on both the client and agency side for more than 30 years. We excel in the 24/7/365, no room for error communications business.   Our job is to make your job easier – and we’re very good at it!